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Our Acadia Trifecta, culminating with 4-29-11 Release Party!

We’re putting the last touches on our three-month series at the Acadia Cafe, which will be culminate with our release party for “These Lonely Dreams.”

Of course, we had a great time on February 5 with Sneaky Pete Bauer and Adam Kiesling of Pert’ Near Sandstone.

Next, we’ll be stopping by for our Friday, March 8, 2011 show with our good friends and heavy-hitters Casanatra- as well as Lynn O’Brien and Tzitzit Sabathia!

Last, and most important, we’ll be celebrating the release of “These Lonely Dreams” on Friday April 29, 2011!   Stay tuned for our attempts to hype the show, and tell us you are coming here.

March 8, 2011, Acadia Cafe, Weekday fun…

We hopped onto a Tuesday night bill at the Acadia Cafe.  We’re playing at 8PM on March 8, 2011.  As you may know, the Acadia is our favorite venue because it welcomes acoustic music, has good beer and food, and is located in our ‘hood on the corner of Cedar and Riverside.  So, if you’re looking for some fun on a weekday, look know further.

When we know the rest of the lineup and any other details, we’ll let you know.